When was the last time you had customer service that truly catered to your every need? When was the last time you left a place of business with the consummate understanding that your needs were at the forefront of the minds of those who helped you? This doesn’t have to be a hypothetical experience anymore. Four years, we’ve been assisting with a hard-working people of Philadelphia in their hunt for the best used vehicles at the best prices. We feel comfortable making this promise: no one cares about their customers as much as we do. No one saves their customers more money than we do. And no one in the market can offer you a better buy here pay here service. No matter what the competition may boast, we promise to do better. It’s just one of the many ways we take care of our Philly family. If you’re interested, check our virtual showroom available via World Auto Sales.


Have you attempted to secure financing for used car, only to find yourself rejected due to bad credit? This doesn’t have to be the end of your used car search. We have great relationships with lenders across Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the eastern seaboard, all of whom are willing to work with you to secure financing for the vehicle of your choice. As long as you have a job, we guarantee we can make something work for you. Whether you find yourself categorized as prime, nonprime, subprime, or deep subprime, there are financing options available. Furthermore, we have often secured financing for customers with a down payment as low as $495. You can create a payment plan to a third-party lender, or even use our buy here pay here service to pay us directly — no middleman, no hassle. We always stay flexible so you have the most options. Start the process by giving us a call today at 215-800-0112.


Do you work in an occupation is hard to substantiate income? Do you have weekly earnings that aren’t necessarily reflected in a pay stub? For example, the bartenders or wait staff often have high cash income but low salary or wages, which is something we completely understand. We offer a variety of messes with which to substantiate your income. You can show us regular bank deposits, current account balance, or even certify with a letter of employment from your manager. When it comes to our buy here pay here service, your job is your credit. We know that you need to drive to make money, and we are here to help you. Regardless of your credit situation, visit our site or give us a call in order to start your conversation. We can let you know where you stand, both with a free credit report and with our own professional evaluation.


Are you concerned about the past history of the vehicle you’re planning to purchase? There’s no need for concern: we issue a free Carfax report on every vehicle up for sale in our inventory. You’ll know about past transactions, any accident reports, repairs, and all other relevant information that an insurer would know about your vehicle. We want you to be empowered to make the right decision that suits you best. We will never withhold information about your vehicle’s history, nor try to convince you that a vehicle is right for you if it doesn’t feel right. We want you to have a maximum of information, a maximum flexibility, and understanding that we are on your side. Additionally, we offer a 182-point inspection on every vehicle in our inventory. Our technicians are the best in their fields, and we guarantee that every part will be in prime condition, no matter how large or small. Used cars don’t have to bring anxiety into the picture. You will know what we mean when you see just how easy and satisfying purchasing a used vehicle can be.