Our buy here pay here service has made a mark on Philadelphia with its utmost commitment to quality and reliability. Whether you’re in downtown Philly or elsewhere in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region, we’ve got a car for you. Where competitors are content to merely tread water, we’ve made it a point to seek excellence in every capacity — every satisfied customer, every addition to our inventory, every testimonial of excellence, every referral paid to you — a steadfast dedication to achieving where others simply subsist. We have a better selection, a better quality of product, and a better attitude. Through our partners at World Auto Sales, we offer a comprehensive series of choices that will impress even the most jaded of customer. We’ve made it a point to work hard, because it’s the Philly way. We look forward to showing you just exactly it is that we mean, and we hope you’ll start today by giving us a call at 215-800-0112.


Did you know that you can earn cash simply by picking up the phone? We make it easier than anyone else to pick up extra earnings — all you need to do is find friends, family, or acquaintances who need quality used cars, too. When they purchase a car, they’ll have the option of listing their referral; this means that you’ll get paid and they’ll get a used car better than anything they could find at any of our competitors. If you refer between one and four friends, you’ll get $200 per person, with no extra red tape. Between five and nine referrals will earn you $300 in cash, no questions asked, simply as a reward for a job well done. If you land ten referrals or more, you’ve achieved superstar status and will earn $500 per referral. Imagine that — $500 per person each time someone buys a used car from our brokers. During the years we’ve spent rising to the top of the Philadelphia used car market, we’ve learned that reputation counts more than anything. Let us help your friends and dear ones acquire a vehicle that they can trust — and let us help you get paid, too.


Instead of contending with another creditor or bill-paying service, imagine if you had only to make car payments to a dealership? It’s never been easier to set up a payment plan than it is today with our Philadelphia buy here pay here service. You don’t need to worry about stressful phone calls with lenders or a lengthy approval process. Once you’ve proven your creditworthiness, you can drive away from the lot with your quality, certified pre-owned vehicle — same day, guaranteed. You’ll pay us each month, no hassle and no hidden fees. When we determine your monthly car payment, that’s what you’ll pay — and never any more. We realize that it’s almost hard to believe something could be so easy, but we assure you, it’s the truth. We’re dedicated to providing the absolute pinnacle of selection and customer service amongst the Philadelphia used car market. No matter your credit rating, we’ll work with you to assess your options and take the first steps towards owning a certified pre-owned car of unsurpassed quality.


We’re at the point now where buying a used car has become a stock joke, a kind of cultural trope — nothing but pressure, and nothing but stress. Let’s just say that our buyers’ experiences have defined that notion, bringing an ease and professionalism never before seen in this industry. We know that buying a used car is a stressful situation in its own right — it means an additional financial obligation and brings with it a suite of relevant concerns. Will the car work well? Will it require maintenance down the road? Am I getting a good deal? Our service professionals can walk you through every step of the process to confirm that you are in fact getting the best quality at the best possible price, and we will never pressure you to buy unless you’re 100 percent convinced that you’ve found the right fit. We’ll give you all the answers to help you move forward. We care about you because we know that you care, too — your car is of extreme importance in your busy life, and you want to make the best decision possible. Let us help you get there; our buy here pay here service is at the summit of Philadelphia used car sales, and it’s there for a reason: we’re the best.