We are often asked what is that makes us different, and after much deliberation, we think we can narrow it down to one single word: dedication. We make it a point to follow through with all of our promises in order to exceed your expectations. It comes down to little things, like the quality of coffee in the waiting room, the smiles on the faces of the salespeople, the efficiency of our maintenance department, and the breadth of selection in our online dealer lot. We aren’t content to simply for used cars; we are constantly looking to expand and improve our business, and we believe that the surest way to accomplish this is through the testimonials of utter and complete customer satisfaction. Our best resource is our reputation, which comes from thousands of impressed customers spreading the word. So, when we say dedication, we mean dedication to you and your needs. There are plenty of ways to acquire a used car in Philadelphia, but we feel confident making the post and our service is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Our buy here pay here service often receives this question: what about dealer warranties? The good news is, you can receive a warranty for service and repairs exactly like any you might receive from a manufacturer dealership, but our prices are better than theirs and our selection is not constrained by brand. Whether you want a Toyota or a Ford, a Dodge or a Hyundai, you can rest assured that the car you will receive meets all of the same specifications that a certified pre-owned car would meet in a manufacturer dealership. We guarantee that the quality of service you received will exceed what you might receive elsewhere, and instead of having to select a limited number of models, you have The entirety of our Philadelphia area dealer network to serve you. rather than face limitations, you will receive options. Rather than feel pressure to select from a limited number of choices, you will receive care and insight from a salesperson who wants simply to expand your options and help you find the perfect fit. Call us today at 215-800-0112.


Our certified pre-owned program is especially dedicated to avoiding lemons. We don’t sell lemons because we don’t buy them, either. Before we acquire a used car for inventory, our maintenance technicians employ their extensive experience to inspect every possible detail of the vehicles in question. We won’t buy a vehicle that we wouldn’t feel comfortable selling, and our certified pre-owned program brings with it the guarantee that any emerging issues receive full attention from our technicians. You can rest assured that you will not buy something that will hinder your life or your finances. You can rest assured that you were certified pre-owned vehicle will be of highest quality, cleanliness, serviceability, and utility. We won’t settle for anything less, and you shouldn’t, either. It’s the reason we’ve become leaders in the Philadelphia buy here pay here market.


If your credit is less than exemplary, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Over the lifetime of our business, we have helped thousands of people acquire vehicles despite financial difficulties. Our goal is not to deny you or to serve as gatekeepers; our goal is to make sure that you find a vehicle that suits you and your budget. Whatever the financial situation may be, we can give you our best assessment and provide options to meet whatever your needs might be. Even if your budget is limited, we may be able to secure financing or find a vehicle elsewhere that meets your needs. No matter what, we will give you the best assessment that any dealer can provide, and a wide array of resources with which to determine what steps you need to take. Wherever it is you were going, you’ll probably get there in a car. We know this, and our Philadelphia buy here pay here car service exists solely to figure out a solution to your situation — you can even apply online to see if you qualify.